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2016 Highlights

Posted by Emma Maddocks on
2016..What a year it has been. Here are some of our highlights:
1. Getting Married.

Hand's down one of the best days of our lives, and massively inspired the business in many ways - I say no more!

2. Having Baby Oscar.

What a whirlwind. I have never met such a crazy, independent baby. He's funny, cheeky and a pain in the arse at times, but god he has changed our family for the better!

3. Hitting 25,000 orders on NOTHS.

We joined NOTHS just two years ago and already we've hit a massive milestone. I seriously could not have dreamed that business would be doing as well as it has been. It's been an amazing ride and I'm so proud that we've grown organically, and from scratch.

4. Our first 'proper' family holiday. 

In September we jumped on a flight with the kids to join my in-laws in Cyprus where they spend a lot of the year (lucky them!). We had an amazing time, and the kids were in their element. We spent our evenings on the balcony discussing business (naughty I know!) and were even considering buying another business. We were in a gorgeous hotel with incredible food, and it really made me think - this is what it's all for. If we can work hard through the year to be able to bring the kids here just once a year, then it's worth it. We're already booking to go again in June!

5. Growing the business 

This year we took the plunge and invested in a laser cutter, meaning I can finally create the products I've been dreaming of, plus more! The products we've launched so far have done incredibly well, so we're really excited for the future!

Although it's been a great year, it's also been incredibly tough with illness and the loss of a close family member, but we've still managed to get through it all without  having to sacrifice the business.

We have many plans and new products in place to launch in 2017 that I can't wait to share with you all - here's to 2017!

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The costumer service is amazing, highly recommended !! Thankyou x

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