Templeman Automation Releases SOLution to Improve SODIS Low-Cost Water Disinfection

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Solar water disinfection (SODIS) is a low-cost clean water strategy that uses solar UV-A and heat to disinfect water. To aid in the deployment of SODIS, Templeman Automation has developed SOLution, a compact, rugged, reusable solar dosimeter that determines when sufficient solar exposure has been reached for full water disinfection. SOLution is solar-powered and fully reusable projected to last over five years with daily usage and no maintenance. To enable widespread usage in both developing nations and disaster areas SOLution is low-cost with a projected large scale fabrication price under five dollars. To learn more, download our PDF brochure describing the SOLution technology. Templeman Automation is committed to using our product development experience to develop technology that is beneficial to society. Templeman Automation is actively seeking partners to collaborate on real-world testing and community distribution of SOLution.