BeachView is a real-time 3D surf-zone animation and visualization application that creates a realistic and interactive shore environment and animates breaking waves from the open ocean to the beach. It is a great demonstration tool for educators, meteorologists, and beach safety officers.



  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Extensive Wave Control

  • Easy Movie and Image Capture

Extensive Wave Control

With BeachView’s intuitive user interface you can have complete control over your wave characteristics (wave height, wave angle, and period)

Full Version Feature:

The full version of Beach View includes a slope control that gives the user full control over the slope of the beach which affects wave type and evolution in a physically realistic way (Buy Now).

Movie and Image Capture

Easily demonstrate various wave conditions by quickly capturing movies and images with a click of a button.


BeachView was created from a piece of software created for the U.S. Navy in 2011, called SWAV (Simulated Wave Visualizer), which was developed as a tool for Naval meteorologists and commanders to visualize wave conditions when planning shore-based troop deployments. To learn more about this project, please check out our SWAV Case Study.



Try BeachView Demo free, with Mac or Windows:

Windows ( Vista, 7 ) - 138MB

Macintosh ( OS 10.6+ ) - 73MB

See System Requirements.

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BeachView Demo is fully functional software that includes a small watermark on exported images and movie frames. There is no time limit on the software.

For watermark-free image and movie export, and full control of the beach slope, purchase the full BeachView application below.